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About Sushumna Rao

Instructional Designer- Television Host- Radio Jockey- Content Writer and Translator( Eng-Tel)

In my ten years career, I worked in various fields, as I choose to give time to my family. Most recently, I worked for BSML, as an editor for their game show in Telugu. Where my responsibilities included handling the show content, reviewing and packaging it to suit the show.
Previously, I worked for major satellite television channels- Gemini, Teja, DD HYD and Sakshi TV as a host for various shows, features and Prime time news caster. Also, I was an RJ with World Space Satellite Radio. I do translations from English to Telugu.
In addition to this experience, I pursued my passion by learning content management, development in e-learning industry.
I gained considerable skills during my part-time employment as a content writer and Instructional Designer. Currently, I am developing Telugu language online course, writing Text books for NRI kids.

Skills & Tools

  • Developing e courses
  • Content Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice Over
  • Television Host
  • Radio Production
  • MS Office Camatasia Various Picture Editing Tools Open Office