Need to learn moodle software -Reg.

Need to learn moodle software -Reg.

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Dear Madam, 

I am very much impressed with your lectures.

I have to learn how to create and use this moodle software for my teaching methods. I am very least knowledge about this software.

Thank you madam,

With regards,


Assistant Professor

CAE, Madakasira

ANGRAU, Andhra Pradesh

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Re: Need to learn moodle software -Reg.

by Sushumna Rao -
Dear madam,

There are basic free courses offered by Moodle HQ.
Here is the link for the Courses :-
Moodle Teaching Basics

Also, I do conduct FDPs and online courses on using Moodle as a Teacher and as an Admin.


Sushumna Rao.